1.Recently who has become the first women Supreme Court judge of Pakistan?-Ayesha Malik

2.Recently which states former CM Pratap Singh Rane has been given the status of a lifetime cabinet ministry by the state  Council of Ministers ? -Goa

3.Who has been appointed as the new Secretary General of OPEC recently ?- Haitham AI Ghis

4.Which state has got the first prize in the 3rd National Water Award s 2021recently ? - Uttar Pradesh.

5.Who has become the executive director of ICICI Bank ?-Anoop Bagchi 

6.Which Country's cricketer Danushka Gunatilka has announced retirement from test cricket?-Shri Lanka 

7.Which country has recently banned child marriage by bringing a new law ?-Philippines 

8.Who has been appointed as the new Director General of Punjab Police recently ?- VK Bhavra 

9.Recently who has become the president of Kerala State Chalachitra Academy ? - Ranjit Balakrishnan .

10.Where has KVIC started the country's 1st Mobile honey processing van recently ?-Ghaziabad.

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